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  1. A Witch by Starlight

    by , 9th February 2012 at 20:07
    A Witch by Starlight

    By starlight this eerie visage shines in the dark, a crooked profile evoking its popular name, the Witch Head Nebula.

    In fact, this entrancing telescopic portrait gives the impression the witch has fixed her gaze on Orion's bright supergiant star Rigel.

    Spanning over 50 light-years, the blue color of the Witch Head Nebula and of the dust surrounding ...
  2. Astronomy picture of the day

    by , 6th February 2012 at 19:06
    Red Aurora Over Australia

    Why would the sky glow red? Aurora.

    Two weeks ago solar storms, emanating mostly from active sunspot region 1402, showered particles on the Earth that excited oxygen atoms high in the Earth's atmosphere.

    As the excited element's electrons fell back to their ground state, they emitted a red glow. Were oxygen atoms lower in Earth's atmosphere ...
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