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  1. Indoor Swimming Pool in Litomyšl

    by , 29th July 2012 at 06:43
    Indoor Swimming Pool in Litomyšl / Architekti DRNH

    Architects: Architekti DRNH
    Location: Litomyšl, Czech Republic
    Design Team: Antonín Novák, Petr Valenta, Radovan Smejkal, Radek Štefka
    Project Year: 2010
    Project Area: 1,717 sqm
    Photographs: Tomáš Malý

    Both the architectural and site designs strictly respect the project purpose and ...

    Updated 29th July 2012 at 06:45 by Rikkrdo

  2. Pulse Park / CEBRA

    by , 29th July 2012 at 06:37
    Pulse Park / CEBRA

    Architect: CEBRA
    Client: KildebjergRy, Skanderborg Municipality
    Location: Ry, Denmark
    Project Year: 2011-2012
    Size: 24.057 ft˛

    CEBRA’s latest landscape project situated in Kildebjerg Ry near Arhus, Denmark, is a bit out of the ordinary. Moving beyond providing flora, walkways and simple playground amenities, the Pulse Park will feature ...
  3. Congress Gateway Towers

    by , 29th July 2012 at 06:28
    Congress Gateway Towers by Danny Mui & Benjamin Sahagun

    Project: Congress Gateway Towers
    Designed by Danny Mui & Benjamin Sahagun
    Location: Chicago, USA

    Congress Gateway Towers design comes from architects Danny Mui & Benjamin Sahagun, while its primary function is providing parking space the buildings form a unique landmark for the city of Chicago. ...
  4. Baltyk Tower, Poznań / MVRDV

    by , 24th June 2012 at 00:02
    Baltyk Tower, Poznań / MVRDV

    Project architect: MVRDV
    Co-architects: ultra architects
    Investment corporation: sophia Sp. z.o.o., a joint venture of garvest and vox group
    Structural engineer: buro happold MEP

    Dutch firm MVRDV with investment corporation sophia Sp. z.o.o. have envision the 'baltyk tower', located in poznań situated at the rondo kaponiera ...
  5. Ajoodaniyeh Tower / Kamvari Architects

    by , 24th June 2012 at 00:00
    Ajoodaniyeh Tower / Kamvari Architects

    Architects: Kamvari Architects
    Location: Tehran, Iran
    Project Director: Omid Kamvari
    Project Team: Nikoletta Poulimeni , Mehrad Mahnia ,Nazanin Behboodikhah, Maryam Mivehchi, Mona Mirzaie

    The proposal for the Ajoodaniyeh Tower by Kamvari Architects seeks to use traditional design within Iran as a means of addressing ...

    Updated 24th June 2012 at 00:04 by Rikkrdo

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