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Flex Towers Twists To Capture NYC Sunlight

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by , 24th July 2014 at 19:45 (68626 Views)
Flex Towers Twists To Capture NYC Sunlight

Flex Tower is visionary proposal by Italian architect Paolo Venturella for 2040. New York City, whose population grew unexpectedly and there is need for new and innovative typology. Even with significantly reduced carbon emission, the use of energy increases. Therefore, the high-rise is the only answer. A solution combining housing and energy systems for a sustainable living starts to be built in various parts of the city. In order to avoid uncontrolled invasion of photovoltaic panels all over the city, the new typology perfectly combines the need of the moment.

Since photovoltaic panels need a tilted surface oriented to the sun, this typology tilts and rotates itself. At the ground level the building respects the Manhattan’s grid while in a higher level the shape rotates facing the sun allowing panels to displace correctly. The “FlexTower” combines the rotation and the flex in an appropriate 30 degrees angle facing the sun. The façade works at the same time as structure and as performative skin.

The structure is unique steel frame, wrapping the building. This enables very original shape challenging gravity and also to create an interior space completely free from structural elements.

The skin is designed so to create a unique envelope, an intelligent system made by different modules. At the top, most of it is clad in photovoltaic panels and looks denser while at the bottom photovoltaic evanesces and becomes less dense. Due to “Flex Tower” the aspect of the city mutates. The classic skyline historically grown up as the extrusion of the plot converts to a new direction, while New Yorkers find their own space and a sustainable lifestyle.



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  1. skyliners's Avatar
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    I think the design looks great, but as we have already encountered with the " 20 Fenchurch Street" also know as Walkie Talkie in the UK, concave designs or designs that can reflect solar rays downwards may have problematic effects on objects nearby. Although they are coming up with best ways to tackle this problem. So I guess the architect could plan this ahead of time.
  2. Pu€blan[]Audi S4's Avatar
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    Exactly what skyliners said, the radiation emitted from the reflection of the sun' s rays can be reflected down to pedestrians, cars, animal life, due to concaving angles of this high rise and thus creating a health hazard due to burns, in some cases it can be extreme depending on temperature. I wonder if the skin can be replaced by a sinthetic type of plastic like material, maybee a polymer. Nonetheless it is a very futurists and awesome proposal indeed that will beautify the already super beautifull NYC skyline.
    Cheers rikkardo.:okay:
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