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EVOL: Street Art

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by , 27th August 2011 at 07:10 (9540 Views)
EVOL: Street Art Featuring Miniature Abandoned Cities

We’ve explored miniature abandoned cities displayed amid real abandoned buildings, but street artist EVOL takes this concept to a whole new level. Rather than 3D sculptures, EVOL’s urban art includes entire cities created using building and window stencils on stone walls. The results are mesmerising, and look eerily similar to the ghost city of Pripyat, Ukraine.

Berlin-based EVOL told Unurth Street Art that the “city” is located in a 10 metre by 8 metre hole in an abandoned Dresden slaughterhouse. He said the concrete shapes were “probably the former foundation of a huge boiler plant to derive soap from rendered beef fat… However, even 15 years after closing down, it still smells nauseous.”

Photos By: evoldaily, Flickr

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    Waoo speechless, esas ruinas son terriblemente hermosas
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