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Humor: Smart*Parrot

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  • Humor: Smart*Parrot

    One of my colleagues has just tell me a story to laugh, and it made me excited like to tell everyone right now.

    Humor: Smart Parrot
    Mary or the passing of a pet shop. There is a parrot found in Mary, it's cheaper:
    -Hey, you there!
    -Mary back to ask: what?
    -Bad She Huo!
    -Mary very angry. The next day, she walked, the parrot back cheaper: Hey, you over there. She Huo bad!
    Mary was angry. This story repeated to the third then Mary unbearable. Her into thestore and told the owner of Salon: this Parrot insult me. If he does not teach it properly, I'll sue!
    The next day, Mary walked over, the Parrot is still cheaper: Hey, you there!
    Mary returned, the challenge: what?
    The Parrot laughs nham reminder: You know ask!