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    Hey people

    I`m back (if you remember me)

    I`m writing a short text about my journey to Tel Aviv in 2006 (what a great time it was!). My editor asked me to add some prices in Israel. Could you help me with that?

    For example, how much do you pay in Tel Aviv for:

    Regular kebab
    Regular hamburger
    A beer in a shop/restaurant
    A typical meal in a normal restaurant
    A taxi/sherut

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    hamburger around 30 NIS (7$)
    kebab dunno
    beer in shop 6-9 NIS (1.5$-2$) pubs 5$-6$
    Taxi its depends......
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      mckebab in a tortia - 10 nis (2.5$)
      Big mac+ small chips and coke - 30 nis (7$)
      Burgus burgerbar, agadir - 160 gr burgers 37-40 nis (~9-10$)
      mikes place burgers - 29 nis 200 gr (7$)
      lunchtime deal meals 35 up to 60-70 for high end restaurants nis (~10-15$)
      shawarma, 15-25 nis, falafel 15 nis (fast foods ~3.5-5$)
      dan buses full day bus ticket from 9am, tel aviv metro - 12.6 nis (3$) - good deal
      taxi meters - 10.6 nis start price + more by phone (expensive), regular service taxi - 5-6 nis
      beer - all sorts of deals and beers from every corner of the world you can imagine (usually deals with food)
      20-40 nis, and above for whisky etc
      the best is always to ask some local person who knows whats the best deals and good food
      because new bars/cafes/home made food places open up all the time.
      supermarkets - go to big chains, groceries for 1-2 people for a week from 30-50$
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        Toda raba