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The City of the palaces... Mexico City

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    Originally posted by Silently Loud View Post
    Mexico city with an Israeli song (Offer Nissim,antonio do u know him?)
    btw Mexico city is great in this video!
    Great Video.


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      Originally posted by ira View Post
      Wasn't there a world cup played in Mexico in 1972.
      No. But there where actually 2.
      One in 1970 and the other one in 1986.


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        I love Offer Nissim, !!!!
        Mientras las jotillas se alaciaban entre sí, el futuro comenzaba y ansina comenzó aquello, una nueva raza llena de brillo, glamurtz, una raza que no les importaba el que dirán, nada más que estar a la moda y ser couturs.


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          I agree that treatments for this disease are to buy you more time with the dog. We did not opt to treat Mocha's lymphoma other than managing her with prednisone. Although her time was short between the dx and us having to put her down this time was mainly for us to be able to say goodbye. But we did this with her interests at heart too...we did not let her lose her dignity.

          It is an emotional decision that has to be made with the individual dog's quality of life and dignity as the sole interest.

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            Absolutely Mexico City is marvelous. But If you travel to Mexico don´t forget to visit Guadalajara the city of Tequila, Mariachi and beautiful ladies. There´s also in here an important jewish community. You´ll be welcome.