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Sofia, Bulgaria - Skyscraper Projects

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  • Sofia, Bulgaria - Skyscraper Projects

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    (projects at least 300m/1,000 ft tall)

    SOFIA | Sofi Center | 333m+ x 2| 1093ft+ x 2 | 85 fl x 2 | App
    (projects between 200-299m/650-999ft tall)

    SOFIA | Europe Park Sofia | 209m | 43 fl | On Hold
    SOFIA | Acropolis | 38, 41, 44, 46fl | Canceled
    (projects between 100-199m/300-649ft tall)

    SOFIA | Capital Fort | 126m | 27 fl | U/C
    SOFIA | Millenium Center | 121m | 32 fl | 24 fl | 18 fl | U/C
    SOFIA | Arco Towers | 124m x 2 | App
    SOFIA | RMS Tower | 123m | 33 fl | Pro
    SOFIA | Sitnyakovo Tower | 120m | 30 fl | Pro
    SOFIA | Arcon Towers | 120m x 3 | 32 fl x 3 | Pro
    SOFIA | Delta Towers | 120m | 30 fl | 20 fl | Pro
    SOFIA | JBI Tower | 120m | 34 fl | App
    SOFIA | I-Tower | 106.9m | 28 fl | Pro
    SOFIA | Ropotamo Plaza | 104m | 30 fl | Pro
    SOFIA | AG Tower | 103.6m | 26 fl | Pro
    SOFIA | Metro Building | 100m | 29 fl | Pro
    SOFIA | Ramora Park | 27 fl | Pro
    (projects between 50-99m/164-324ft tall)

    SOFIA | Sopharma Business Center | 60m | 16 fl | 71m | 19 fl | 81m| 22 fl | T/O
    SOFIA | Vertigo Building | 66,55m | 17 fl | T/O
    SOFIA | Bulgaria mall | 85m | 18 fl | U/C
    SOFIA | Urban Model | 15 fl | T/O
    SOFIA | Mega Park | ≈70m | 17 fl | T/O
    SOFIA | Benchmark Tower | ≈70m | 17 fl | Completed
    SOFIA | Sofia Airport's New Air Traffic Control Tower | 56m | U/C
    SOFIA | Ellipse Centre | 50m | 15 fl | T/O
    SOFIA | City Tower | 74m | 20 fl | U/C
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    Capital Fort

    Height: 126m
    Floors: 27
    Status: U/C



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      Millenium Center

      Height: 121m
      Floors: 32, 24, 18
      Status: U/C


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        AG Tower

        Height: 103.6m
        Floors: 26
        Status: Prep



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          Europe Tower Sofia

          Height: 209.3m
          Height (without spire): 178m
          Floors: 43
          Architect: Hentrich Petschnigg & Partner
          Developer: ECE and Advance Propreties
          Status: On-Hold



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            Sofi Center

            This is an old but very impressive project which will probably never get built but anyways it is good to be shown as it is the tallest project for Sofia.
            However, the project has construction permit, so who knows maybe some day after the Global Financial Crisis... Respect!

            Height: 333m+ (1093ft+)
            Floors: 85
            Investor: Krapsi Holding
            Status: Approved



            *Europa Park project consists of one 209m tall tower, other office and residential buildings and mall.


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              similar a esta propuesta en cd mexico


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                Arco Towers

                Height: 2 x 124m
                Status: Approved
                Description: Multi-purpose complex (office, retail, residential, hotel)
                Location: Skopie Blvd.
                Surface: 300 000 sq.m. (50 000 sq.m. office ; 80 000 sq.m. retail)



                Source: LP Group
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                  Originally posted by kikolove View Post
                  similar a esta propuesta en cd mexico


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                    Capital Fort

                    Update - 30 NOV 2011

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                      ... and some more pics.



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                        Sitnyakovo Tower

                        Multifunctional building "Sitnyakovo Tower"

                        The project encompasses two buildings located in two neighboring estates.

                        Building 1 is situated on the corner of Sitnyakovo Blvd and Maragidik St in a heavily urbanized, densely, and intensively build-up surrounding, with semi-detached buildings on both sides.

                        Building 2 is located on the corner of Kultovitza St and Maragidik St and is also semi-detached on both sides.

                        Access is possible via all three streets. The area is highly accessible both for pedestrians and vehicles. Due to the intense traffic load of Sitnyakovo Blvd the entrance to the underground car park is planned to be in Kutlovitza St. It is planned for the two underground car parks of the two buildings to be connected and to share one entrance and exit.

                        The location of Building 1 allows for the construction of a high-rise building. The height of the building on Sitnyakovo Blvd is in compliance with the approved distances as described in the development plan submitted by us.

                        The buildings will be used for the following purposes:

                        - commerce
                        - offices
                        - housing

                        Functionally Building 1 can be divided into four sections - underground car park, commercial section, office section and residential section.

                        - underground car park - on 5 underground levels with its entrance in Kutlovitza St. Access is via a two-way ramp. There are 371 parking spaces on the car park levels. Access to the car parks on the first three above-ground floors will be via four separate lifts - two for the office and residential sections, one for the bank and one for Building 2. Car park sections which are not being used, are to be utilized as technical premises. The bank vault and the landing stage for food establishments are on the first basement floor. Excluding installations the clear height of car park floors will be at least 2.10 cm.

                        - commercial section - the commercial section is located on the first three floors of the building. Access between commercial levels is via stairs and lifts located in a separate area. Entry into this section of the building is via the open space at the corner of Sitnyakovo Blvd and Maragidik St. Entry for the office lobbies of the office building and the residential building is also provided from that direction. Floor height for the first two commercial floors is 5.40 meters, and the third floor 3.60 m. On the first and the second floor of Building 1 there is a bank office which has its own separate entrance in Sitnyakovo Blvd. The second floor is planned to house a conference center, a fast food establishment and a bar. On the third floor there is a fitness and spa center as well as a luxurious restaurant with a terrace.

                        - office section - offices are on floors 4 through 20. They can be accessed via the open space on the corner of Sitnyakovo Blvd and Maragidik St. The core which provides access to the high building contains 6 lifts for the office section. Office floors can be divided between one, two, three or four separate offices. Areas for installations and WCs are indicated. Office floor height will be 3.60 m.

                        - residential section - apartments are on floors 21 through 30. They can be accessed via the open space on the corner of Sitnyakovo Blvd and Maragidik St. The core which provides access to the high building contains 2 lifts for the residential section. Plans include a fire lift, providing access to all floors.

                        Building 2 has three sections - underground car park, commercial section (shops and commercial offices of an insurance company), and office section.
                        The active silhouette of the building faces Sitnyakovo Blvd. The high-rise has been intentionally divided in two in order to achieve a more harmonious profile.

                        The bearing structure of the building will be made out of reinforced concrete. The structure core of the building and linear reinforced concrete elements within the fašade will ensure that anti-earthquake requirements are met.

                        ZONED PROPERTY PARAMETERS :

                        ZONED PROPERTY AREA: 3650 m2
                        TOTAL FLOORAGE: 59660 m2
                        ABOVEGROUND FLOORS TOTAL FLOORAGE: 44485
                        UNDERGROUND FLOORS TOTAL FLOORAGE: 18293
                        LAND AREA: 3180 m2
                        BUILDING INTENSITY COEFFICIENT: 12.18 (unrestricted by visa)
                        BUILDING DENSITY: 60% (unrestricted by visa)
                        GREEN AREA: 40%

                        Source: Multifunctional building "Sitnyakovo Tower" - Technoimportexport


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                          Ropotamo Plaza

                          Investors: International Capital Group
                          Architects: Architectural studio Nicolov & Nicolov Architects
                          Floors: 30
                          Floor space: 31, 000 square meters
                          Height: 104 meters/338 feet
                          Materials: Steel, Concrete, Glass, "precious stones"
                          Building price: 30 million euro (estimated)

                          Beta Consult 1

                          Ropotamo Plaza is state of the art office tower, offering A class offices.

                          The building is 30 floored, with four underground levels. Three of them are designed for parking area with more than 200 parking lots. A 30 m underground tunnel will connect the underground parking with "Michail Eminesku" blvd, providing smooth and rapid communication with the city center.

                          The first basement floor and the next two over ground levels are coupled around internal atrium, intended for service facilities, bank office and restaurant. The next ten floors are designed for offices, and the remaining floors are for large luxury high class residences.




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                            Metro Building

                            Plot: 8, 000 sq. m.
                            TBA: 47, 000 sq. m.
                            Location: Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd.

                            Source: Sofia Development LLC


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                              Delta Towers

                              Residential and administration buildings DELTA TOWERS

                              One of the next large scale projects of Delta Imoti Group AD will be the construction of two 20-30-floor buildings with apartments, offices and commercial areas at a communicative location in the Sofia large center.

                              These buildings will be between the highest in Bulgaria. They will change the Sofia Skyline for sure and will raise to new heights the standard for apartments and offices. Elegant bodies and facades, pleasant surroundings, majestic panorama view of the Metropolis, luxurious finishing and easy access – this will be the business card of the new skyscrapers.

                              Currently the project is at technical design stage. It is expected that the construction of the two high bodies of the buildings will begin over a terrain of 11 decares and the total unfolded build-up area will be about 60 000 sq. m. There will be two level parking with total area of 20 000 sq. m.

                              Location: Banishora Qt.

                              Source: , , , , ,