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Christchurch Projects and Tower Development, Under Construction

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  • Christchurch Projects and Tower Development, Under Construction

    Gallery Apartments 14 floors status: under construction

    Queen Victoria apartments 14 floors status: under construction

    Victoria square apartments 14 floors status: completed

    Cantebury House 12 floors status: approved

    IRD building 8 floors status: under construction

    Ferrymead apartments 7 floors status: approved

    Sydenham Square $21 million mixed use development status: approved

    Christchurch New Marina status: approved

    Christchurch airport staus: under construction

    Airport carpark building

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    I’m impressed.
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      thanks for that kiwikid

      I really like this design
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      never say never...


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        cool projects
        if only there were some highrises


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          Sorry for being ignorant but what is Christchurch ?


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            New Zealand's third largest city and biggest on the South Island. Gateway airport servicing the natural sites of the South Island.

            Some web sites - Whikipedia and the CHC city council.

            A planned city from the outset. Very pretty with bountiful gardens. Hot and dry in summer. Cold and sometimes snows in winter - a sort of continental climate rather than NZ's normal Coastal climate.

            Goes by the nomenclature of the "Garden City", or "most English City outside England" - ether referring to its highly homogeneous ethnic dominance by Caucasians (mainly anglo-saxon) (88.8% vs NZ average of 80.0% vs Aucklands 66.9%) or all the gardens and architecture. Its striving for a more "cosmopolitan feel".


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              Nice projects!! i like the airport and the new marina
              is the thid city in NZ??


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                Originally posted by Vygotsky View Post
                Nice projects!! i like the airport and the new marina
                is the thid city in NZ??
                Yep 3th,



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                  Since there hasn't been any posts for a while I thought I would try to get things moving. I regularly checkout the Skyscrapercity thread which has info on the Pegasus development, Christchurch international airport etc. I came across something interesting about a Taiwanese developer who wants to build a 6 hectare high class residential apartment near the Blenheim Road bridge and he wants to build as high as possible. Have there been any updates on what is happening in New Brighton? I grew up in South Brighton up until I was 16 when I moved to Queensland. From what I heard they want to develop a large portion of the esplanade and allow height limits up to 10 stories and it will have more highrises than the Christchurch cbd. There was also talk of a $50 million foreshore development with an amusement park including thermal pools. Haven't heard anymore. Sounds exciting though. lol.


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                    Citymall has started and looks like it will transform the inner city from what once was a bit of an embarassment into making the city more presentable. Lichfield Lanes looks good and should emerge over the next few years as a popular entertainment and retail area. Light rail and suburban rail which is what Bob Parker is seriously looking at would really give Christchurch a great alternative to commuters in the outlying districts and further the growth of the Christchurch metropolitan area. At present the Christchurch metropolitan area has a population of over 420 000 people approximately and on current growth rates could exceed 500 000 in the next five to ten years.


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                      Bob Parker is now mayor and has very pro-development attitude. C1 at 23 looks to have begun a trend for much higher buildings. Pinnacle at 26 storey looks set to be the South Island's highest. The new CCC headquarters will also add to the rejuvenation of the city centre. Things are beginning to look up.


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                        New Hotel Development:


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                          thanks for posting.
                          australia's new world city