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Auckland Projects and Tower Development, Under Construction

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  • Auckland Projects and Tower Development, Under Construction

    UPDATE - 27 OCTOBER 2006

    Time for an update .... The official number of new skyscrapers is 36.

    60+ FLOORS:

    64F (218m) * ELLIOTT STREET (Proposed)

    30+ FLOORS:

    36F (118m) * THE ANTIPODEAN (Awaiting Approval)
    35F (???m) * ALBERT STREET - KIWI PROPERTIES (Awaiting Approval)
    35F (???m) * 28 SHORTLAND STREET (Awaiting Approval)
    33F (150m) * THE CHANCERY (Awaiting Approval)
    33F (115m) * PRECINCT (Under Construction)
    30F (140m) * SENTINEL (Under Construction)
    30F (???m) * MERGE (Awaiting Approval)
    30F (???m) * ALBANY CENTRE TOWER (Awaitng Approval)

    20+ FLOORS:

    27F (152m) * THE STANLEY (Back to the drawing boards)
    25F (???m) * ALBANY CENTRE TOWER (Awaiting Approval)
    22F (088m) * THE STAMFORD ON ALBERT (Under Construction)
    21F (093m) * BNZ TOWER (Under Construction)
    21F (???m) * ALBANY CENTRE TOWER (Awaiting Approval)

    12+ FLOORS:

    19F (???m) * RENAISSANCE II (Under Construction)
    18F (???m) * CENTRO (Under Construction)
    17F (???m) * VOLT (Under Construction)
    17F (???m) * DIAMOND (Awaiting Approval)
    16F (???m) * ST.MARTIN'S LANE (Under Construction)
    16F (???m) * AURA (Awaiting Approval)
    16F (???m) * VERVE (Tower 1 - Under Construction)
    16F (???m) * VERVE (Tower 2 - Under Construction)
    16F (???m) * PARKSIDE TOWERS (Tower 1 - Construction imminent)
    14F (???m) * PARKSIDE TOWERS (Tower 2 - Construction imminent)
    14F (???m) * THE FEDERAL (Under Construction)
    14F (???m) * TETRA HOUSE (Under Construction)
    14F (???m) * THE WAVERLEY (Tower 1 - Construction imminent)
    14F (???m) * Unknown (Approved)
    14F (???m) * "TASMAN" DEVELOPMENT (Awaiting Approval)
    13F (???m) * "TASMAN" DEVELOPMENT (Awaiting Approval)
    12F (???m) * THE WAVERLEY (Tower 2 - Construction imminent)
    12F (???m) * BRIBANC SERVICED APARTMENTS (Under Construction)
    12F (???m) * 413 ON QUEEN (Under Construction)
    12F (???m) * FIORE ON HOBSON (Construction imminent)
    12F (???m) * EMPIRE (Construction imminent)
    12F (???m) * DYNASTY GARDENS (Under Construction)

    ELLIOTT STREET TOWER - 64 storeys (218m)

    BNZ Tower - 21 storeys (93m):

    Stamford on Albert - 22 storeys (88m):

    The Sentinel - 30 storeys (140m)

    The Stanley - 27 storeys (152m including spire)

    The Chancery - 33 storeys (150m)

    The Antipodean - 36 storeys (120m )


    THE ALBANY CITY PROJECT (Under Construction):
    130 hectares of new apartments, public spaces/parks, retail, hotels and offices. There could be up to 5 new skyscrapers here.

    QUBA SQUARE (Approved):

    At Ground level QuBA's heart will continue to beat day and night, with a mix of boutique commercial spaces, inhabited by those who are choosy about where and how they spend their time. The very heart of this space is QuBA Square, a lively outdoor area which brings together those who live and work at QuBA with those who come to visit, shop and dine. With its mix of restaurants, cafes and shopping, QuBA Square will become a destination in itself. The revitalisation of this district has already begun. QuBA's cafes, restaurants and interesting mix of retail, will create a new destination for those seeking the character and soul of cities they love.

    A low rise mix of apartments and boutique commercial spaces across a series of buildings which face into the central QuBA Square. Built around wide lanes with a central Atrium which incorporates magnificent sculpture, art panels, water and light. Quba is a low rise development comprising high end residential apartments/ penthouses on the mid to upper floors and boutique commercial spaces on the ground and first floors. Built around a series of lanes opening into the central QuBA Square. This is your opportunity to purchase a work or living space overlooking the city, sea or square that's just a stones throw from the CBD and Parnell. In a city where urban living often means forgoing a sense of belonging, QuBA is about creating a village community with village values, right in the heart of the city. The neighbourhood is anchored by QuBA Square where sculpture, landscaping, restaurants and cafes provide those who live and work there with spaces to meet, entertain and share a sense of belonging. These strong and inviting communal spaces have been inspired by traditional European villages, where promenading is a part of daily life. Set amongst narrow, Vulcan Lane-like areas they provide plenty of places to walk, watch and pass the time of day. Structurally, we have created QuBA from age-old materials like the stones and metals we admire in cities around the world; materials that create a sense of tradition and which in 100 years, will still be improving with age. "As the strip from Auckland Harbour Bridge right through to Tamaki Drive continues to undergo urban regeneration, QuBA will be at its very heart".

    Originally built for the Auckland City Council between 1902 and 1918, the buildings at Victoria Park contained the first refuse destructor and power station for the city. Kitchener Group purchased the property in 2004 and is developing it into residential apartments and a modern boutique shopping centre. The apartments will be of premium quality, and specialty stores will include emerging New Zealand fashion, gifts, homewares, health and beauty, and quality arts, crafts and souvenirs.

    SOHO SQUARE (Under Construction):
    1.3 hectares of commercial, retail and residential - 5 new buildings will be built.

    NELSON QUARTER DEPOT SITE (Awaiting Approval):
    3 hectares of new apartments, hotels, parking, offices and retail - all in all - 20 new buildings will be built (with the possibility of a couple of hi-rises)

    BRITOMART PRECINCT (Under Construction)
    5.2 hectares of new lofts / apartments, retail, public spaces and offices. 17 Heritage buildings will be restored and 6 new buildings will be built.


    15 hectares of new apartments, public spaces/parks, retail, hotels and offices.

    SYLVIA PARK (Under Construction)
    24 hectares - new Shopping Centre (NZ's largest but it will be displaced by The Westfield - Albany shopping Centre by mid 2007) and offices.

    35 hectares of new apartments, public spaces/parks, retail, hotels and offices. There could be up to 4 new hi-rises here.

    http://<b><span style="</span></b>

    HIGHBROOK PROJECT (Under Construction):
    107 hectares of new apartments, public spaces/parks, retail, hotels and offices. There could be up to 5 new skyscrapers here.

    ST JOHNS (Under Construction)
    110 hectares located in the heart of Auckland, next to the established eastern suburbs of Ellerslie, Meadowbank and St Johns. A master planned community will encompass 2,500 dwellings, a vibrant town centre, school / child care facilities and a convenience retail centre.


    FLATBUSH CITY PROJECT (Under Construction):
    1700 hectares of new apartments, public spaces/parks, retail, hotels and offices.

    Summary -
    Some of the key projects and proposals to be completed over the next 10 years:

    * Spaghetti Junction.
    Six new motorway-to-motorway links are being built, new on & off ramps created and the motorway widened for increased efficiency and capacity.

    * Harbour Bridge to city.
    Widening the southern motorway through Victoria Park and St Mary's Bay to a total of 10 lanes, ensuring motorists get the full benefit of improvements to Spaghetti Junction.

    * CBD traffic.
    A raft of measures, including more bus lanes, free loop buses and high-frequency buses along the "central transit corridor" linking Queen Street, the university, hospital and Newmarket will be introduced. A street grading system will be implemented, with buses taking priority on some.

    * Rail.
    An underground rail link connecting Britomart with the western line at Mt Eden, with stations on Albert Street near the Aotea Centre and at Karangahape Road.
    More news on the underground rail network ...

    An underground railway through the heart of Auckland's central business district (CBD) is back on the drawing board. The Auckland City Council says its 18-month investigation shows the link is a genuine engineering and economic possibility. The idea has been discussed several times in the past four years. But the council says new studies prove for the first time that an underground rail tunnel is feasible.The 3 km tunnel would extend the rail network westward from Britomart and connect with the Western Line near Mount Eden Station. The project would be put in the same timeframe as the proposed Waitemata Harbour crossing, 16 to 20 years. It is estimated to cost $500 million. The link would allow trains to pass through Britomart and create the possibility of an inner-city loop. Three additional stations would be built – near Aotea Square, Karangahape Road and the top of Symonds Street – bringing most of the CBD within a short walk of a station. The study has also recommended a preferred route for the connection, via Albert Street, Mayoral Drive, Vincent Street, Pitt Street, under the central motorway junction to Exmouth Street and the Western Line. This would also leave open the possibility of connecting the CBD with the North Shore, via a rail tunnel under the Waitemata Harbour. The project would transform Britomart from a terminus to a gateway to the region, and provide more direct connections for passengers travelling to and from both Waitakere and Manukau cities. Britomart has been built at a depth that allows for this underground option for a high-speed, high-capacity rail link through the CBD.

    * Eastern transport corridor.
    A $1.2 billion corridor has been proposed, linking Auckland and Manakau cities using the existing Mt Wellington Highway and Waipuna Road and crossing Hobson Bay with a two lane highway. A final decision is still to be made.

    * Waiouru peninsula highway.
    Work a new direct link between East Tamaki and the Southern Motorway will start before the end of the year. The project involves building a new road across the Waiouru peninsula on the southern bank of the Tamaki Estuary, the join SH1 at a new interchange near Wymondley. As part of the project the Otahuhu interchange will be upgraded.

    * Newmarket viaduct widening and upgrade.
    A strategic lifeline in and out of the city, Newmarket Viaduct carries six lanes of traffic up to 28 metres above ground. Transit New Zealand will increase southbound capacity, with construction planned for 2008.

    * Northern Busway.
    The busway will run alongside SH1 from Constellation Drive to the Auckland Harbour Bridge and provide a fast, efficient alternative to private transport. It will feature five PARK & RIDE bus stations.






    * New Auckland harbour crossing to city.
    As Auckland grows, it will eventually need an additional Waitemata Harbour crossing. A number of different options are being considered, including another bridge or an immersed-tube tunnel running under the harbour from the northern motorway to Wynyard Wharf.

    * Northern motorway extension.
    A 7.5 kilometre extension to the Northern Motorway between Orewa and Puhoi will ease congestion and become Auckland's first toll road.



    * Hobsonville deviation.
    Starting at the western end of the Upper Harbour Bridge, the Hobsonville section will extend five kilometres to the Northwestern Motorway.

    * Western ring route.
    This enables north/south traffic to completely bypass Auckland city and the Auckland Harbour Bridge, easing congestion through the city. The southernmost section is the Manukau extension linking SH1 at Manukau City to SH20 at the Puhinui interchange. Also included are the SH20 Mt Roskill extension, the Greenhithe deviation and the Upper Harbour Bridge duplication.

    * Western railway line double tracking.
    A $23 million first-stage project is creating a double-rail passage from Mt Eden to New Lynn, to reduce hold-ups from trains having to give way to each other on the line's single track.

    * Baby Britomart, Henderson.
    The Waitakere City Council's ambitious plan to build a $29 million transport interchange and civic centre at Henderson in a "baby Britomart" development.

    * Ferries.
    New terminals and services to the east, west and the north of the city centre are planned in multimillion dollar proposals. New routes and wharves are at West Harbour, Hobsonville, Beach Haven, Island Bay, Browns Bay, Takapuna, Te Atatu, St Heliers and Howick.

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                  dizo Aucklands tallest tower is the Skytower (pictured below) which is 328m high, While the tallest building is the Vero Centre which is 167m high.

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                          Auckland Museums Grand Atrium Project - expansions - will be complete soon, with a public open day on 2006/12/09.

                          Some pics of the old lady...


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