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    Wow, lots of quality developments happening in Auckland!
    australia's new world city


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      I was on / Auckland developments today. There is quite a bit happening. There is a proposal for a largen convention centre to be built near Aotea square. Manukau city is beginning to transform some of its carparking buildings into apartments and encourage more cafes into the area.


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        Some small greater Auckland Development...

        Ironbank 20/09/08

        Chatham 20/9/08


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          Soho square is now a large rusting hole. One of the area has filled with water and local community pretended it was a beach earlier this year.

          Northern motorway extension - complete

          Northern Busway - complete

          Newmarket viaduct widening and upgrade - construction has begun - Transit New Zealand - Newmarket Connection

          Eastern transport corridor - cancelled

          Harbour Bridge to city, now called Vic Park Tunnel - Contraction just begun - CMI Transit

          Spaghetti Junction - Complete

          SYLVIA PARK - Compelete Sylvia Park - Home

          Stamford on Albert - Complete

          BNZ Tower - Now Deloitte Centre - Due to be completed arround September

          ELLIOTT STREET TOWER - Still no sign of work. Possibly cancelled

          Western ring route -Mt Roskill extension, Greenhithe deviation and Upper Harbour Bridge duplication now complete. SH1 at Manukau City to SH20 under contruction Transit New Zealand - Manukau Extension . SH20 Manukau Harbour Crossing under contruction Transit New Zealand - SH20 Manukau Harbour Crossing Waterview connection SH20 to SH16 now back to the drawing board Transit New Zealand - Waterview Connection Side note: Never make comments on roading productions without the full facts if standing for parliment
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            Such a beautiful city!

            very much like an australian city.... which is no surprise due to where it location is!

            Love that crane in the last pics
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              ASB HQ / BVN Donovan Hill + Jasmax

              Architects: BVN Donovan Hill + Jasmax
              Location: Auckland, New Zealand
              Project Principal: James Grose
              Project Director: Brian Clohessy
              Project Architect: Chris Boss
              Project Team: Matt Middleton,Adam Mosses,Katie Newall , Tom White, Yi-Jan Lien, Jemma Cook, Mordechai Toor, William McNaughton, Carol-Ann Pickvance,Olivia Giangrasso, Kait Zegers, Zoe Michalski, Ben Doherty, Meg O’Hara, Barry Dineen, Barbara Vourakis
              Project Team Interiors: Vishwa Kaushal,Helen Lee, Tijana Papandrea, Angie Andrijic, Ulrike Baeuerle, Alice Penna, Josephine Meldgaard
              Year: 2013
              Photographs: John Gollings

              From the architect. ASB North Wharf is an international benchmark in sustainable building that provides a head office for ASB Bank with a workplace that places staff wellbeing at the forefront.The seven-storey office block consists of two buildings joined by a glazed multi-level walkway over a central public lane. The lane facilitates pedestrian connectivity and a new interconnected public/private space.

              ASB North Wharf incorporates a number of innovative environmentally sustainable strategies. The atrium functions as the building’s ‘lungs’ – cross ventilation is achieved by fresh air from the open windows in the façade being drawn up into the top of the building through a unique funnel. The funnel and light reflector on the building’s roof capture and reflect natural light deep into the building. A distinctive sunscreen on the north façade references the leaves of the Pohutukawa, a native New Zealand tree.

              Designed from the inside out, the workplace fit out is based on a village concept with themed ‘neighbourhoods’ and a range of communal spaces. These provide a choice of work settings and inspire a sense of identity, community and transparency in line with the work aspirations of ASB.

              Some floors.




              Inside ASB North Wharf





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