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    We have an innate right to make art. Art is what truly humanizes us; it affects our souls, our minds and our hearts in ways that other animals cannot. It communicates things we have no words for, but which are communicated through colors, shapes and textures. In this way we can be complete in a way that nothing else does. All and every human being have an inalienable right and come kind of obligation to make and appreciate the artistic talent of others. This provides us with pleasure and marks the deepest and most heartfelt understanding of the world and our relationship to it. As Aristotle contends “the aim of the art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Everyone has a chance to discover the art ´s comforts and challenges and galleries provide this opportunity.

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    If you are this type of sensitive people who feels pleasure while being faced with artistic works and intend to do so while on vacations in Puerto Vallarta make sure to visit some of the galleries outlined below.

    Puerto Vallarta is home to the most lively and vibrant art scene of Mexico, thus it is usually known as “Mexico ´s Art Mecca”. Besides, especially during the tourist season which runs from mid October through May, there are Art Walks scheduled in the city that feature some of the most important works from the galleries. This coastal destination features a large amount of galleries that are worth visiting. Each off them specializes in a particular subject and genre from from paintings and sculpture to folk art, indigenous art, fine pottery created by both internationally famous and up-coming local artists. Puerto Vallarta is world class art center and also a "work of art" in it ´s own right. One of the most important galleries was founded in 1989 under the name of Puerto Vallarta Art Gallery. Since such date, this gallery has been presenting sculptures in bronze, wood, ceramic, and original paintings, engravings as well as designer jewelry. To name a few artists: Claudia Nery, Manuel Valles Gómez, Carlos Cuevas, Steven King, Victor Gutierrez, Javier Zaragoza, Steve Fischer, Dimitar and Helen Krustev, Ruben Garcia, Moises Gomez, Jaime Cabrera, Roberto Herrera, Nicolas de Jesus, Octavio Ocampo, Alejandro Colunga, and others. Apart from this, Galería Vallarta is also an important shopping center where many tourists shop posters, collectibles, contemporary masks from Durango, a selection of indigenous handicrafts, and handmade pieces of gold and silver jewelry. Another important gallery is Galería Coppelia which is eclectic, affordable for a more encompassing target audience. Located downtown, Meg Munro owns one of the most interesting Puerto Vallarta galleries featuring paintings. Within others exceptional and unique flower paintings are worth a closer look. Bright color and sparkling light abound in the tropical paradise of Puerto Vallarta which have influenced the painter since 1984. Sergio Bustamente is another recommended art gallery in Puerto Vallarta. His sculptures can be seen at the Malecon as well as at many other Mexican public places.

    The art gallery is located at Puerto Vallarta Down Town, close to the Malecon. Galeria Uno Puerto Vallarta specializes on local and international artists living in Mexico. Representing about 35 artists Galeria Uno provides a wide range of art work. Some of the artists are Judith Ewing, integral part of the artist community and also an enthusiastic leader and contributor to the cultural life of the city. Al Garvey, a Renaissance man; his artistic breadth extends from drawing and painting to fine printmaking, graphic and architectural design and woodworking. Galleria Dante is well recommended for its wide selection of sculptures and other art work. Besides the original works from Mexican and international artists, Galleria Dante provides recasts of internationally known bronze statues. Created in 1988, it is recognized as Vallarta ´s largest fine art gallery and sculpture garden. Artists presenting their works of art are Guillermo Brockman, Oscar Capeche, Richard Baker, Gabriel Colunga among many others. Galería de Ollas is dedicated solely to displaying and selling the works of the finest Mata Ortiz potters. Mata Ortiz, a local artist, presents her works of art. She specializes in unique pottery which bases on ancient production techniques and being deemed as one of Mexicos finest art work products. Her famous painting "La bandida" and Native American paintings make her one of the best artist in town. Founded by Ruben Cham and John Strawn, The Loft, features changing expositions of selected regional artists. This presents exhibitions featuring works of the finest contemporary and modern artists of the Americas. This is a setting evoking the great urban Art Spaces and located in the heart of the historical gallery zone of Puerto Vallarta, respect and passion for Art is reflected in the manner of its presentation. The Loft Galería maintains a valuable selection of works by modern and contemporary artists. Painting, sculpture, photography and works on paper by emerging, mid-career and recognized masters of The Americas. Artists such as Dean Gazeley, Mary Heebnerare and Miriam Slater are represented by The Loft Galeria. These are just some of the most important galleries.

    Arts for all at Puerto Vallarta is the premise that bests suits this city. Artistic talents are vital to any community that places a premium on cultural, ethnic and artistic diversity and thanks to galleries this will continue to be the pleasurable situation.