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Thread: Washington Metro to Begin Receiving New Subway Rail Cars Soon!!

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    One thing that I forgot to mention was that the newer ATC (Automatic Train control) on ther forthcoming new trains will feature a manual override.

    In June, '09, a catostrophic crash had occured on the Red Line in Washington with one train rear-enhding the one in front of it, telescoping the lead car up 65 feet into the air. Nine passengers were killed, including the driver!!

    It was then later determined after an exhaustive investigation by the NSTB (National Transportation Safety Board) that the the malfunction of the ATC was thought to be caused by a defective track curcuit modules, which had caused the onboard computer to lose detection of the train in front, along with negligent safety standards.

    The rear train was moving at a high rate of speed of about 65 mph! The fast-moving train was not given enough time to stop at a safe distance before colliding with the one in front.

    Furthermore, WMATA's failure to replace and retrofit its 1000- series rail cars (cars involved in the crash) was also determined to be a cause of the crash. The WMATA failed to replace these cars, despite knowing they rated poorly, when it came to crashworthiness.

    This more than likely explains the move to push for a new fleet of subway cars to replaced the much older 1,000-series Rohr cars that were in use since early 1974.

    And it was recommended that stricter safety track / train modifications be immediately adopted.

    One of those design modified safety adoptions is the inclusion of a much better and sophisticated system which would include manual overide in the unlikey event of another onboard computer lockup. Almost similar to the autopilot with manual overide featured on the Boeing 777 & 787-8 jetliners.

    It would help prevent future catastrophic crashes such as ther one pictured below.
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