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    Exclamation Polish Forum Index

    This post is dynamical. I'll add new items and make threads for them successively making propper links.
    Please, don't post in this thread for few next weeks. If you want to suggest some corrections to it, PM me instead.
    Looks like I'm the only Pole here for the time being, so it'll take some time to make this forum alive
    Thank you.

    Administrative regions of Poland (Voivodships, with their Polish common names put in parenthesis) are grouped geographically and Warsaw MA (formally being part of Masovia) makes here a separate group by its own. As long as there are not subforums in this forum, the grouping is only formal (it reflects organization of Polish forum on SSC and will help me to synchronize some content of it).
    Threads marked with are not more than 2 weeks old.

    Warsaw (pol. Warszawa)
    Main cities: Warsaw (estim. 2.1 mln, metro estim. 3.2 mln)
    1. #Warsaw - PROPOSED: Golden Str. 44 (Złota 44 a.k.a. Libeskind/Orco Tower) (192m), use: residential
    2. #Warsaw - U/C: Golden Terraces complex (Złote Tarasy) (105m), use: commerce, office, entertainment

    Masovia (excl. Warsaw), Lodz, Podlachia (pol. Mazowsze, Łódź, Podlasie)
    Main Cities: Radom (227,000, aggl. 250,000), Plock (127,000), Lodz (767,000, aggl. 1.1 mln), Bialystok (295,000, aggl. 368,000)
    1. #Lodz - BUILT: Manufaktura Shopping Mall (Centrum Manufaktura)

    Silesia, Lower Silesia, Opole Voiv. (pol. Śląsk, Dolny Śląsk, Opolszczyzna)
    Main cities: Katowice (317,000 aggl. 3.5 mln), Sosnowiec (226,000 aggl. Katowice), Gliwice (199,000, aggl. Katowice), Zabrze (191,000, aggl. Katowice), Bytom (188,000, aggl. Katowice), Rybnik (141,000, aggl. 650,000), Bielsko-Biala (177,000, aggl. 300,000), Wroclaw (634,000, aggl. 850,000), Walbrzych (126,000), Opole (128,000, aggl. 265,000)
    1. #Wrocław - U/C: Sky Tower complex (207m, 222m to spire + 138m + 87m) use: residential, office

    Pomerania, Western Pomerania, Warmia-Masuria (pol. Pomorze, Pomorze Zachodnie, Warmia i Mazury)
    Main cities: Gdansk (459,000, aggl. 1.1 mln), Gdynia (253,000, aggl. Gdańsk), Sopot (41,000, aggl. Gdańsk), Szczecin (411,000, aggl. 650,000), Koszalin (107,000), Olsztyn (174,000, aggl. 230,000), Elblag (127,000)
    1. #Gdynia - U/C: Sea Towers complex (116m, 138 to spire + 91m), use: residential

    Greater Poland, Kuyavia-Pomerania, Lubusz Voiv. (pol. Wielkopolska, Woj. Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Woj. Lubuskie)
    Main cities: Poznan (571,000, aggl. 855,000), Kalisz (109,000, aggl. 318,000), Bydgoszcz (367,000, aggl. ), Torun (208,000, aggl. ), Wloclawek (120,000), Gorzow Wielkopolski (126,000), Zielona Gora (119,000)

    Lesser Poland, Lublin Voiv., Subcarpathia, Swietokrzyskie Voiv. (pol. Małopolska, Lubelszczyzna, Podkarpacie, Woj. Świętokrzyskie)
    Main cities: Cracow (757,000, aggl. 990,000), Lublin (356,000, aggl. 640,000), Kielce (203,000, aggl. 308,000)

    Whole country
    1.#EURO 2012 - new/renovated stadiums
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    North Pole what about to add some more threads about projects or news in Poland? May be if there'll be more threads more forumers will come to the Polish section!


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