Owner: United Real Estate Co.
Project Name: United Tower
Location: Kuwait City
Floors/Height: 60F / 240M
Type: Mixed Use Commercial and Residential
Construction Start: 2005
Construction End: 2008

Speac Facility : Mixed use : residential, offices, retail, parking
Size : 968,752 sq. ft / 90,000 sq. m (430,556 sq. ft / 40,000 sq. m Parking Structure)
Client: The United Real Estate Co.
Associate Architect: Salem Al-Marzouk & Sabah Abi-Hanna wll (SSH)
Structural Engineer: Cantor Seinuk UK
Mechanical Engineer: Flack & Kurtz Consulting Engineers
Facade Consultant: Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG

United Tower is a mixed-use project that is part of the regeneration of its central business district. One of the main goals of the project is to provide a welcome mix of activities so that the city’s streets are active at all times.

The project creates one tower, for offices and residential. The high building has an orientation which will maximize its presence on the skyline. The building is engaged into a podium which contains public spaces, retail and restaurants.

New open public space, between the structure and the existing buildings of Kuwait Business City, will be a lively and active focal point for the entire complex and provide a new access way into the existing building. This space is covered with a lightweight fabric roof and forms part of the overall landscaping of the block.


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